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At one of our weekly staff meetings a couple of weeks ago, Justin shared with us that he thought that summer was supposed to be the time when things got a little less hectic.  But instead, he told us, it seems as though things are even more crazier around here now!

He has a good point!

That week children and adult volunteers filled our church each evening for Vacation Bible School.  In addition to the evening hours of VBS programing, there were additional hours each night and day of preparation for the next day’s lesson and activities!

And also that same week, eleven from our church got ready ready and packied up for Northern Pines Camp.  The adult counselors left early Friday morning for leader training, and on Saturday morning our campers left for camp.  That week I was also busy working on my Commitment Night sermon, in which I made preparations to  invite our campers to make the decision to follow Jesus Christ, or to deepen their commitment to them if they are already on the walk of Christian faith.

We will have our special Summer midweek service “Joyful Praise” which meets at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays over the summer.

And preparations were well under way for our outdoor worship service at Sylvania Park where we will worship our Lord surrounded by the splendor of God’s creation – and to enjoy a Hog Roast!  Preparations have to be underway for this service, because it takes place the day after I return from church camp.

In July youth will be traveling to Kansas City on their mission trip, so it looks like the fun and excitement will continue into the next month!

And did I mention that Justin and our youth helped with those who needed help in our area, cleaning up after the tremendous storms that hit in June?

All this, and still the day-to-day ministry at our church continues.

Whew!  Ministry certainly does not slow down when summer comes.  Make sure that your faith practices don’t slow down, either!

We’ll be serving Christ this summer together.  On Sunday mornings during our worship services and for the rest of the week!  As we’ve heard in our United Methodist “Rethink Church” campaign,

What if church wasn’t just a place we go, but something we do?
An opportunity to prove what we say we believe, with our lives.
Then, perhaps, Sunday could be a day of rest and reflection on all that we had accomplished Monday through Saturday.

As they say, “See you in church!”  Until then,

May God Bless Us!

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